The MISSION of The Veterans Project is to utilize DIAVOLO's unique style of movement as a tool to help restore veterans' physical, mental, and emotional strengths through workshops and public performances in communities all around the country.

The chasm between veterans and civilians is so vast, socially, the veterans are at a disadvantage in forming vital connections. Our program can help bridge the widening gap between these two groups. 


Los Angeles, CA

On April 20th, DIAVOLO will partner with Christopher Loverro's theater company, Warriors For Peace, for a community building event designed to have veterans support the local Muslim Community and make a stand against Islamophobia and hate.


Orange, CA

DIAVOLO continues the National Veterans Program with a 6 week residency at Chapman University in Orange County, CA. The original piece created from this workshop premiered on September 21st at The Musco Center for the Arts.

DIAVOLO 2019-106.jpg

Manhattan, KS

DIAVOLO recently partnered with K-State and McCain Auditorium for a two-week residency in Manhattan, KS. Funded by the NEA, doctors from the University conducted preliminary research to measure the impact of this program.


Tampa Bay, FL

DIAVOLO will reside in Tampa Bay, FL, in partnership with the STRAZ Center & USF for three weeks in June. This intensive program will engage local veterans and civilians and culminate in a performance held during the Congressional Medal of Honor Convention on October 25th, 2019.


photo credit: left - George Simian, center - Cale Hupe, right - George Simian, bottom - Cale Hope