2016 - DIAVOLO begins holding movement workshops for Veterans in local Veteran centric facilities as well as the DIAVOLO studio.

2016 - Veterans sign up for a four month intensive program that culminates in a fully produced final performance.

2016 - First public performance of The Veterans Project entitled IBUKI at the American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood, CA.

2017 - Monthly movement workshops continue at the DIAVOLO studio for veterans and civilians.

2017 - The second iteration begins. This time we work with 16 veterans and 10 civilians. The process lasts over six months.

2017-2018 - The second phase of veteran and civilian participants culminates in a performance entitled A LONG JOURNEY HOME. This piece premiered at the The Soraya (formerly known as Valley Performing Arts Center) on Veterans Day in 2017. The piece continued to perform at Arcadia Performing Arts Center, The Barclay Theatre, and finally at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

2018 - Monthly movement workshops continue at the DIAVOLO studio for veterans and civilians. A one-week intensive was held at our studio in December 2018 to give local veterans a deeper understanding of our process. The week was also used as movement research for Jacques and his team for future residency programs.

2019 - DIAVOLO holds it’s first out-of-state Veterans Project residency at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS.

2019 - DIAVOLO partners with Christopher Loverro's theater company, Warriors For Peace, for a community building event designed to have veterans support the local Muslim Community and make a stand against Islamophobia and hate.

2019 - DIAVOLO will travel to Tampa Bay, FL to hold it’s second out-of-state residency program. The culminating presentation will be performed in October of 2019 during the Congressional Medal of Honor Convention.


photo credit: George Simian