When and where is DIAVOLO Veterans Project Run-raiser? DIAVOLO Veterans Project Run-raiser will take place at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA starting at 8am on June 29th. The ultra marathon will last for 24 hours.

What is The DIAVOLO Veterans Project? The DIAVOLO Veterans Project is an arts-based movement program for transitioning veterans. With programs all over the country, this work focuses on restoring the physical, mental, and emotional strengths of the brave individuals who have served.

What does the money go towards? All money raised goes directly towards the continuation of The DIAVOLO Veterans Project. Programs in Manhattan, KS, Tampa, FL, Orange, CA and Los Angeles, CA reach hundreds of veterans and future programs in places like North Carolina and Arizona will get the opportunity to host this program through your support. 

How can I help? Help spread the word by sending out an email to friends and family and posting on your social media platforms. You are also invited to show up and help cheer on Dr. Samourjian and meet veterans!

Will donators get thanked and are their donations tax-deductible? Yes, absolutely! All supporters of this campaign will receive a thank you letter with are tax deductible notification.

MORE QUESTIONS? Go to the DIAVOLO Veterans Project website or email us at